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Your Portal for Asset Allocation and Portfolio Construction is the world’s first portal that seamlessly integrates traditional, illiquid and alternative investments within portfolios.

Our Key Features

We Help Financial Advisors Do Three Things Exceedingly Well:

Strategic Asset Allocation
— Decide how much to put into any traditional or alternative asset class

Built around cutting-edge proprietary algorithms developed by MIT engineers, our portal analyzes existing portfolios, then generates better choices, and demonstrates how such improved choices create better long term risk adjusted returns.

It brings together passive and active, liquid & illiquid, traditional and alternative investments within an integrated allocation framework—something that does not exist presently.

Portfolio Construction and Manager Selection
— Decide whom to give capital to

Our portal distinguishes between true, rare and prized investing skills versus cheap passive, easy to access, market exposure. It generates future views on manager performance, allows for inclusion of private opinion and soft qualitative diligence views within a rigorous quantitative fund selection & manager allocation framework.

Going far beyond anything offered by emerging digital financial advice platforms or “robo” advice, our Portal is here to assist financial advisors to select between multiple competing fund manager choices and deploy capital sensibly.

Differentiation Through Advice Value Add
— Show how client value is created

Our portal migrates financial advisors up the value chain from being product providers to becoming solution providers and deepens customer intimacy.

It builds differentiation through demonstrating advice value driven off fact based analytics.

About ActiveAllocator is the world’s first portal that seamlessly integrates traditional, illiquid and alternative investments within recommended portfolios. A FinTech digital disruptor, ActiveAllocator offers financial advisers a seamless way to understand and assess alternative investments’ potential contributions within the context of their client’s actual portfolio holdings. ActiveAllocator can help advisors allocate client assets as well as gain exposure to an appropriate set of active managers and funds.

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