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How Inefficient is Your Portfolio?

ActiveAllocator is a digital asset allocation platform with technology-enabled customized advice capabilities. It is the world’s first portal that seamlessly integrates traditional, illiquid and alternative investments within portfolios. It helps investors analyze existing allocations, discover inefficiencies and create bespoke portfolios in minutes.

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How Does it Work?

  • Aggregate Investment Accounts

    Link your bank accounts.
    Consolidate assets.


    Financial Institutions Supported

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  • Discover Your Risks

    Map products to asset sub-classes.
    Classify risks.


    Financial Products Tracked

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  • Compare Market Views

    Validate your assumptions with Wall Street.
    Then express them in seconds.


    Research Firms Monitored

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  • Express Investing Preferences

    Transcend cookie-cutter model portfolios.
    Customize in minutes.


    Investing Preferences Expressed

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  • Optimize Your Portfolio

    Discover existing allocation inefficiencies.
    Intelligently add accretive asset classes.


    Simultaneous Optimizations

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  • Implement Your Portfolio

    Securely route trade orders.
    Monitor in real time.


    Multi-Brokerage Execution

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