Individual investors are increasingly taking control of their finances, using technology to access data, executing transactions and planning for the future. The logic is simple: you want instant access; you want ease of use; and you want it at low cost; but equally important, you also want someone looking out for you.

Competing Platforms Detract Performance Through High Fees and Portfolio Inefficiencies

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Four Easy Steps


What Do I Own?

ActiveAllocator begins with a consolidated picture of your portfolio using data aggregated from your investment accounts. It then classifies your holdings across more than fifty granular asset sub-classes.


How is My Portfolio Likely to Perform?

ActiveAllocator provides actionable insights based on your existing holdings and personal investment preferences. It further personalizes recommendations on actions needed to improve your financial well-being.


How Can I Improve Likely Outcomes?

ActiveAllocator marries your portfolio with appropriate capital markets assumptions and cutting-edge algorithms built off sound investment theory to estimate future performance.


How May I Implement?

ActiveAllocator is integrated with a dozen brokerage firms that you may choose from to ensure seamless and secure transaction execution.

Everyone Can Benefit

Self-directed individual investors have the skills and confidence to arrive at their own asset allocations and select their own investments. In 10 clicks from start to finish, ActiveAllocator helps you better understand what you own, how your investments interrelate and suggests ways to improve upon your asset allocation plan. Unlike prevalent digital tools, we convey the richness and nuance of human judgment. We bring best practices in wealth management, usually available to only the wealthiest investors at high fees, cost effectively to you through our technology.

  • Model inputs, assumptions and investment views.
  • Test your portfolio with external wisdom.
  • Assess new potential asset classes.
  • Execute portfolio adjustments through the brokerage of your choice directly.

If you gather your own investment information and make investment decisions on your own, but also seek advice from experts you will find ActiveAllocator to be a wonderful resource. ActiveAllocator is equally useful If you take advantage of advice from a financial advisor. How else can you determine if your financial advisor’s recommendations are biased, subjective or erroneous?

Trust your financial advisor, but verify with us. Think of it as a second opinion, just to be doubly sure.

We help you challenge your advisor to facts. You can test your existing portfolio to see how good a job your advisor has being doing for you. Gain a comprehensive view of your investments. Perform custom, on-the-fly analysis in seconds. Detect portfolio inefficiencies, and in minutes tailor your portfolio keeping it balanced and diversified.

  • Our algorithm-driven advice, arrived collaboratively at with you, is consistent, systematic and objective.
  • Our advice empowers you to have more meaningful conversations with your advisor.

If you hand off investment decisions to experts, we are happy to do all the work for you. We help you go far beyond robo advisors that provide dull, mechanical, generic allocation and portfolio construction services. We provide cost-effective access to quality digital advice without charging a premium for the illusion of a personal relationship.

  • We won’t put you in cookie-cutter standardized buckets of allocations, also referred to as model portfolios. We collaborate with you to create a customized allocation in less than 10 minutes. We are reactive for our focus is on improving what you may already have in place - a key difference is that our platform supports existing assets. You can retain your individual investment accounts at your exiting brokerage firm. Use ActiveAllocator as a management layer over your existing accounts.
  • We are proactive, looking toward the future, for we tell you with a degree of confidence what your existing portfolio is likely to do. These recommendations, should you so choose, can be instantly executed through buy or sell trades with your choice of financial institution.
  • We are product agnostic. Perhaps you aren’t used to paying for intangible financial advice. In reality, you do ultimately pay for advice through product commissions that are paid either to individual advisors or to the firms that employ them. Hidden commissions distort financial advice. We offer what you are seeking: guidance and help with your investments with no conflict of interest. Unlike robo advice sponsored by fund managers, we do not recommend products, have no preferred brands and do not receive differential compensation. Since we draw no hidden commissions, we have no preferences of choosing one product over another. We put our end client interests front and center. Our quantitative, objective criteria is consistently applied.
  • Our advice taking your existing allocation into account, is timely, specific, and actionable. By contrast popular digital tools, software packages typically used by your financial advisor are dated, narrow in scope and often lack sound basis in investment theory; automated investment platforms that develop model portfolios from preselected asset classes are a sub-optimal choice for their only interest is to gather your assets. And charge you exorbitant fees.