Many wealth and asset management firms now aspire to introduce state-of-art digital asset allocation quickly. Often this far exceeds their in-house development resources. The question is, build or buy?

Skills take time to build and in a fast-changing world catching up isn’t cheap, quick, or easy. Having straddled Wall Street, Main Street and technology, ActiveAllocator knows how hard it is to build infrastructure and digital investing expertise. We can help you leverage the digital advice revolution underway within your platform to support both traditional and robo advisor business models together. This, we believe will see an uplift in brand, scale, profitability and enterprise value for your firm.

We can help you create a new private-label digital advice channel. Keep your own brand, investment framework, customers intact. Bolt on our front-end to digitally enable your advisors to serve their existing user base.

We provide wealth management firms with a customized, private-labeled robo advisory technology platform under either a licensed on-premises model or a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model. As a digital disruptor, we work for you to address new segments as well as deliver new value to existing customers. We help you win, serve and retain customers. Partnering with us, instead of building from scratch, helps you reduce time to market as well as lower costs.

  • Improve digital customer experience.

  • Connect brand and customer advocacy.

  • Enhance digital operational excellence and reduce fiduciary risk.

  • Target new, fast forming customer segments.

  • Transform your business model.

  • Transform your marketplace.

Educated investors demand financial advice that is unbiased and conflict free. ActiveAllocator provides your advisors with a framework to marry their own best thinking with solid financial facts, key assumptions and actionable investment logic codified in our models. We also help advisors expand their practice to reach new self-directed clients who are seeking human validation. In addition, the new DOL rule is expected to shift retirement plan participation to a technology-driven delegated fiduciary advice model. ActiveAllocator helps you make the most of regulation driven market disruptions.

Independent channels are gaining market share from captive channels. The number of financial advisors electing to leave the large captive financial institutions to become independent has accelerated over the past years. ActiveAllocator is a valuable recruiting tool for we bring superior asset allocation and portfolio construction practices only available to the ultra-high-net-worth segment, now to the affluent customer segment, and at a fraction of the cost.

Many broker-dealer platforms attract experienced advisors who have had established practices elsewhere. It takes time for new advisors to reestablish their practices and build revenues. ActiveAllocator helps accelerate and facilitate the investment portfolio analysis and migration aspects of this process. We focus narrowly in just asset allocation, something that is exceedingly hard to do, and when executed properly creates enormous investing value for clients and migrates a financial advisor up the value chain.

Financial advisors’ productivity increases over time as they add new clients, gain share of clients’ investable assets, and expand their existing practices. We facilitate such improvements.

Adopt the digital hybrid approach. Being a digital business, we can deliver higher marginal profitability as client assets grow. Integrate us into your custodial platform, supported by our augmented centrally managed portfolios platform.

Find new ways to win, serve, and retain customers. Create personalized asset allocation and product recommendations for existing customers based on context. Make informed decisions about investment products and portfolio construction. Unbundle the asset management component of services and focus on relationship management.

The fiduciary rule results in big shifts in retirement plan and account management, including more reliance on automation and more fee-based payment over commission-based products. New regulations aim to ensure that investors receive appropriate advice at transparent cost. This change expands the scope of responsibilities for retirement asset fiduciaries as it seeks to eliminate conflicts of interest and forces broker dealers to become fiduciaries. It creates a focus on ongoing management of assets as opposed to product sales. Managing smaller retirement accounts will likely become much costlier and increase liability for broker dealers, advisors and others leading the industry to seek technology-enabled, outsourced solutions to serve smaller accounts. Rising compliance costs, remuneration changes, lower margins, value received for fees are all drivers of change. The DOL regulation is an opportunity to reimagine the level of service and personalization that you provide to your customers. ActiveAllocator helps you move old commission-based accounts into fee-based managed account programs efficiently and start serving them quickly.