Company Status and Future Challenges

ActiveAllocator has built a sophisticated end-to-end product engine, developed and patented valuable intellectual property, exhibited thought leadership, participated in industry events and entered complementary product alliances.

The Team

ActiveAllocator team possesses complementary asset and wealth management, investment banking and software development skills.

Competitive Differentiators

ActiveAllocator differentiators come from a combination of held-away investment accounts aggregation, translating financial securities held to appropriate asset sub-classes, providing ways for an investor to validate investment views with Wall Street on the fly, deep personalization, multi-dimensional…

Customer Proposition

ActiveAllocator enables personalization, facilitates mass customization, promotes greater customer intimacy as well as enhances productivity by serving as a strategic business enabler.

Value Proposition

ActiveAllocator's approach is to empower advisors and augment advisor-client interactions by bringing in analytics driven, fact based, product agnostic thinking to investment advice.

Market Potential

ActiveAllocator prospective customers include individual self-directed investors, enterprise white label customers, a subset of 30,000 RIAs and 200,000 independent financial advisors at small and mid-sized broker-dealers.

Industry Growth Drivers

ActiveAllocator is a response to WealthTech disruption , regulation-driven changes, technology-driven personalization as well as other major shifts.

Industry Innovation

ActiveAllocator fosters advice that is collaboratively arrived at between clients and financial advisors leveraging technological tools to render effective advice with maximum efficiency and value.

How do you Differ from Robo Advice?

ActiveAllocator differs from digital money managers, investment managers and most digital financial advice providers that create simple, low-fee, diversified, automated ETF portfolios largely targeting naïve mass-affluent investors.

Why Now?

ActiveAllocator's growth strategy capitalizes on several industry and macro trends described here.

What is your Technology

ActiveAllocator is built using cutting edge technology making it fast, flexible and safe.

How does your Solution Work

ActiveAllocator allows users to (i) aggregate investment accounts and holdings across 15,000 financial institutions; (ii) search, recognize and automatically map over 4 million financial products and securities to granular 50 asset sub-classes; (iii) compare and validate their own market views with capital…

What is your Solution?

ActiveAllocator helps individual investors, financial advisors, and asset managers analyze existing allocations, discover inefficiencies, and create optimized bespoke portfolios - in 10 minutes, in 10 clicks and at 10 percent of the typical cost.

What Problem do you Solve?

Financial firms can’t provide quality advice to everyone profitably, few customers want to pay for it, and many investors don’t trust financial advisors.

Company Purpose

ActiveAllocator aims to reshape the wealth management industry by resetting advisor and investor expectations about investment management and asset allocation advice, including where the best advice comes from, what it should cost, and how it is delivered.

A discussion on ActiveAllocator's mission, purpose and investment thesis.