How it Works

Aggregate Investment Accounts

Link your bank accounts. Consolidate Assets. Arrive at comprehensive view.

A holistic view of your holdings is the right place to begin to discover strategic asset allocation inefficiencies. We gather and transform your positions, balances, transactions and securities data aggregated from over 15,000 financial institutions, including 4,000+ custodians and Turnkey Asset Management Programs. For financial advisors, this provides a unified view of portfolios and provides insights into a client’s held-away assets.

Discover Your Risks

Classify and instantly relate your financial products to asset sub-classes. Map risks.

We search, recognize, classify and instantly map more than four million traded financial instruments to over fifty granular asset sub-classes. This changes the focus from financial products to where it should rightfully belong - asset classes that drive a portfolio.

  • Within equities we map nearly all global stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, investment trusts, and preference shares.
  • Within fixed income, we map U.S. government and agency bonds, collateralized mortgage obligations and structured products.
  • Within money market instruments, our system recognizes bankers’ acceptance, certificates of deposit, commercial paper, discount notes and monetary bills.
  • Within municipal securities, we recognize fixed, adjustable, floating, zero coupon, and consumer price index linked products.

Compare Market Views

Validate your assumptions with Wall Street. Then express them in seconds.

Wall Street periodically arrives at revised views of future asset class performance, correlations, expected risk as well as other projections. We allow you to quantify revision in views, triggering valuable dialog in seconds. We monitor research from wirehouses, investment banks, consulting firms and present you consensus long term capital market assumptions. This becomes a useful starting point for an asset allocator or an investment committee to accept, or over-ride generally accepted market views. In addition to traditional liquid assets we also generate such assumptions for illiquid assets such as private equity, real estate and hedge funds.

Express Investing Preferences

Transcend cookie-cutter model portfolios. Customize in minutes

We help you personalize for your own unique preferences including allowing for, or aversion to alternatives or illiquid products, investing horizon, levels of portfolio turnover you are comfortable with, incorporate time varying risk preferences as well as impose any constraints you’d like on specific asset types.

Optimize Your Portfolio

Discover existing allocation inefficiencies. Intelligently add accretive asset classes.

Our approach is beyond conventional Modern Portfolio Theory. We allocate simultaneously across multi-dimensional return sources including alpha (skills), beta (market exposure, which is accessible inexpensively), downside risk (extreme, but rare market movements) and illiquidity. We analyze the statistical properties of your existing portfolio and improve strategic asset allocation by finding the best combinations of liquid and illiquid asset classes. We expand your investible universe to choose from over 50 asset classes.

Implement Your Portfolio

Securely route trade orders to your brokerage firm. Your investment accounts stay with financial firms you know and trust.

To implement your bespoke portfolio, we utilize a proprietary order management system which securely routes trade orders to your choice of brokerage firm. In seconds, you link your trading and brokerage account and send orders directly from our platform. We further provide real-time portfolio data from your brokerage firm, to provide the most current picture of your portfolio’s forward-facing characteristics.